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IFAS - International Firebringer
Appreciation Society

The IFAS Cause: To Wage Constant War On The Wyverns of Obscurity & Ignorance so our beloved Trilogy may be returned to it's rightful place in the Hallow Hills of limelight and glory! Update: the books are finally back in print as of July 2003. To purchase them online, try or it's international associates, or Barnes and noble

The International Firebringer Apprecation Society (IFAS) is the leading & (probably) only organisation devoted to Meredith Ann Pierce's wonderful work. The Society came into being on 28 April, 1997 and was co-founded by Me (Calydor) and Kristin Olsen (Ryhenna). The offical IFAS site for members to meet is the MSN community called Unicorns of the Vale.  After a long period of dormany the society has acquired new members and is looking much more active. IFAS members can sometimes be found

Society Activities

Role-Playing sessions - We have an open RPG called Alma's World, and various closed RPG's can be found running from time to time on the RPG board. The Current one being a historical RPG set 200 years before the time of the Firebringer featuring a battle for the Vale between two groups - The Watchers and The Valedwellers.This is now closed to entry, but look out for the next open RPG after that! Also, Impromptu spontanteous RPG can be found on the general board.  Planned closed RPG's featuring  future Firebringer storylines can be found at Alayha's Nest at her Firebringer Fanboard, which also features opportunitys for IFAS members to run their own RPG's, both canon and non-canon. Alternatively firebringer associated RPG's can be found at the City of Fire and The Divine Star Valley.

Discussions - we spend many a time discussing the morals, meanings, implications and intricacies of the Firebringer Trilogy at the Vale community. Discussions can range from various topics featuring the firebringer storyline and firebringer characters, or other topics such as a firebringer film, songs and theme tunes

How to join!

As mentioned above, we have a MSN community, Unicorns of the Vale  - to join up, visit the site and join we also use MSN messenger to chat to one another (download it from the MSN messenger service pages. Vale members can ocassionally be found chatting in the Vale's chat room as well although meetings are rather sporadic!. Once joined up as an IFAS member, you can create characters to post under. It is advised that you read the Vale FAQ before you start posting. My own links

 An Introduction to the Firebringer Trilogy

 Scripts- Some script adaptions done by members of IFAS

 "Stars" - the Firebringer version !

 Glossary - a collection of FT and FT associated terms

IFAS & Firebringer Links

Other links created by IFAS members plus other firebringer links are:-

IFAS Related Sites

Children of the Moon -  Our council elders site, really nice with lots of cool graphics & information and looking very promising
Skywater's Mere of the Moon - Council Elder Skywater's site  great character biographies and lot of cool sections, including a great Firebringer quiz
Alayha's Nest - Home of our resident lay-singer, with a very interesting and thought provoking intro and some wonderful art. Check out the IFAS fan-fics/RPG archives here
The Divine Star Valley - IFAS member Kashoku's site - a RPG site featuring a new land in the world of the Firebringer
The City of Fire - IFAS Elder Halla's RPG site featuring the City of Fire
The Fox's Realm - A MUST see page - The Unicorn Gallery contains the best Firebringer art I have yet seen :)
Scylla's IFAS Grotto- home of the current regent - contains info on IFAS members, news
DV's Elfwood Site  - home to IFAS Elder DV's artwork, this is a must see site containing many gorgeous portraits of characters of IFAS members !
Dusk's Elfwood Site
Zefni's Elfwood Site
Scylla's Elfwood Site

IFAS Member/ Character List